Group stay by the sea?
Fabulous idea!

Ter Helme has everything needed for a memorable group stay by the sea. Whether you’re staying with members of your band, sports club, youth club or language camp, welcome to our paradise in the dunes!

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Playbirds welcome!

Spring-in-'t-field or rest seeker, (three) cycling hero or companion...
In Ter Helme, every holidaymaker gets his money's worth. Both between four walls and outdoors. Bet time flies by?

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Something for everyone.
Inside and out.

Weather or no weather: a stay by the sea will automatically make you feel good. In our playground with theatre circle, your children romp from sunrise to sunset. Also in the natural 'playground' – the Karthuizer dunes – there is always something to do. And how about a blowout walk on the beach? Still too fresh or too wet for outdoor activities? Don't worry, in our little indoor toy corner your bengels will also lose their energy. And for groups there is a multipurpose relaxation room. As well as suitable for fun as well as serious meetings. Or a combination.

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Language camp or rehearsal with your harmony? Ter Helme has a lot in store for your group stay by the sea:

  • dunes and playground
  • multipurpose rooms
  • walking and cycling tours
  • numerous attractions nearby
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Doing nearby

Out during your group stay by the sea? Visit:

  • the locks complex
  • the fish mine
  • the King Albert I Monument
  • the Abbey Museum Ten Duinen
  • The Abbey Farm Ten Bogaerde
  • the South Abbey Mill in Koksijde
  • and many other attractions nearby
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Discover our faqs.

  • Is there a fitness room, swimming pool or sauna?

    No, but not to worry! The sea is only a stone’s throw away and Sunparks is within walking distance.

  • Is there children’s entertainment?

    Yes! During the Easter and summer breaks, we treat the kids to hours of entertainment. And you to a break....

  • Can I play sports at Ter Helme?

    You bet! There are possibilities galore to play sports and be active, both in our dune paradise and the surrounding area. How about ping pong, tennis or basketball? Prefer something more slow-paced? Enjoy a game of pétanque. Nature lovers who are light on their feet can run or bike to their heart’s content here.

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