A carefree stay
in a dune paradise?
Look no further than
Ter Helme!

Our mission?

To give you a carefree stay in a setting that appeals to all the senses and is bursting with possibilities.

For families and friends. Groups and clubs. Schools and companies. In other words, for anyone and everyone. Each and every day of the year.

Ter Helme Over Ons 1 | Ter Helme

Simply enjoying
each other’s company.

Meeting, sharing, enjoying, learning, playing, spending time together. It’s all possible in the dune paradise of Ter Helme. And all in one place – in Oostduinkerke – in the heart of the dunes, only a few steps from the sea. With friends, family, other members or colleagues. Any time of year, whether for half a day, an entire day, a weekend or a week. Spending the night, enjoying lunch or dinner, meetings, enjoyment.... We customise your stay to fit your needs. After all, we understand how important it is to simply spend time together.

At your service?
Of course!

Our staff makes a team effort all year round. To make sure you have an unforgettable and carefree stay.

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Paradise in the dunes
for decades


The non-profit Vakantie voor Allen is born. Established to offer a carefree experience to clubs and families, seniors and youths, the disabled and the disadvantaged.


Ter Helme opens its doors at a fantastic location in the dunes.


Phased and sustainable renovation.


A welcoming dune holiday destination with something for young and old. A place where memories are made.

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