Discover paradise in the dunes at
Ter Helme.

The dune paradise of Ter Helme, located on the border of Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort, is the perfect place to get away from it all. The best part of all? Freedom of choice. Between seeing and doing. Activities and relaxation. Working and playing. Taking a breather and exploring.

Ready for a holiday?
Head to the sea!

So much to see and do in a dunescape close to the sea. A holiday destination that treats you like family. Inviting and friendly. But always professional. So you can enjoy without a worry in the world. Except perhaps the sand between your toes...

Ter Helme Duindomein 5 | Ter Helme

Good food?
Dig in!

At Ter Helme, we offer both casual and formal dining. Enjoy great-tasting food and drinks in our bar and restaurants – from dawn to dusk.

Ter Helme Alacarte 7 | Ter Helme

A good
night’s sleep.

Our paradise in the dunes guarantees a blissful night’s rest in an accommodation that perfectly meets your needs and preferences.

Ter Helme Slapen 1 | Ter Helme

Got a meeting planned?
Teamwork at its finest.

There’s nothing like a seaside meeting. After all, creativity is a breeze in a relaxing and inspiring setting. Head for Ter Helme!

Sports and relaxation!

Ready for a holiday with entertainment and activities galore? At Ter Helme, we treat groups, families and friends to sports, games and relaxation.

Ter Helme Sport 7 | Ter Helme

Day trip?
Tips for the area.

Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort are great for tourists. There’s always something to see, do and experience. The perfect base for exploring the region!

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